Online Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology. . 2005.

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  • entosternite — en·to·sternite …   English syllables

  • entosternite — “+ noun Etymology: New Latin entosternum + English ite : a cartilaginous structure giving attachment to muscles in the cephalothorax of various arachnids and of limuli …   Useful english dictionary

  • endosternite — n. [Gr. endon, within; sternon, chest] 1. (ARTHROPODA) In various arthropods, an internal sclerotized ridge, plate or other process of the cephalic exoskeleton that functions for muscle and connective tissue attachment; sometimes called… …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • endosternite — |en(ˌ)dō+ noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary end + sternite : a part of the endoskeleton of an arthropod: a. : the part of one apodeme of a crustacean derived from the membrane between sternal plates b. : entosternite …   Useful english dictionary

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